Bibliography 1

The citations in this bibliography reference publications based on work done at or using the resources of the Natural Reserve System. Examples include journal articles, books, theses, conference proceedings, films, art, and more.

The NRS bibliography is maintained in Zotero and managed by the UCNRS information management group in conjunction with reserve directors. You can access Zotero through the online interface below or via the Zotero application.

Adding entries

Please email suggested entries to the NRS bibliography to the manager of the relevant reserve(s). If approved, the citation will be entered into the NRS bibliography. Please include the digital object identifier (DOI) of your proposed entry if one is available. The NRS encourages all users to add the DOI number of the appropriate reserve(s) to any publications resulting from work within the reserve system.

Bibliography managers may consult our condensed help document.

Reserve bibliographies

The NRS bibliography is organized by reserve. A link to the document referenced in each entry is included whenever possible. To download these documents from Zotero, you may need to access the database from a university network. However, reserve administrators may be able to send you PDFs of interest.