Growing the NRS

The reserve system was conceived as a library of all major California ecosystems. To complete this portfolio, the NRS is developing new field stations at several National Parks within California. The new reserves will provide parks with research expertise and offer science enrichment to local communities.

Obtaining title to lands adjacent to or surrounded by reserve boundaries streamlines reserve management, provides buffers against invasive species, and reduces access conflicts.

Most critical is the need to establish endowments for older reserves in the system. Endowments support staffing, facility upgrades, educational programs, habitat restoration efforts, and much more. Many opportunities to name scholarships, funds, buildings, and reserves are available.

Yosemite Field Station
Yosemite Field Station / Photo by Lobsang Wangdu

national park partnerships

Establish new reserves at cooperating California National Parks.

adjacent lands

Acquire adjacent lands and inholdings to enable landscape-scale management.


Enable staffing and funding of reserve operations into perpetuity.