Visitor Facilities

Facilities make reserves extremely productive places to work. With secure accommodations, housing, laboratories, and office space, reserves users can make the most of their time in the field.

After decades in operation, a number of reserve buildings and other structures need modernization and maintenance. Other reserves lack permanent structures, limiting visitor use. Energy efficiency upgrades reduce the carbon footprint of reserve buildings and can allow reserves to operate off-grid. Keeping trails in good repair ensures safe access to all reserve lands.

Trail Repair

trail repair

Repair damaged trails or reroute trail sections to protect resources.

Visitor Facilities 1

solar power systems

Install photovoltaic systems and battery banks to supply reserves with sustainable sources of power.

Visitor Facilities 2

field station buildings

Replace aging, temporary structures and provide overnight accommodations, classrooms, laboratories, and office space.

Visitor Facilities 3


Make reserve facilities more energy efficient, minimize carbon footprint, and reduce resource use.

Visitor Facilities 4

sun shelters

Provide weather protection for researchers and students working in the field.