Wildlife Stewardship

UC Natural Reserves protect essential habitat for a variety of rare species. For California’s most endangered amphibian, the southern mountain yellow-legged frog, bighorn sheep in the Coachella Valley, and mountain lions roaming the edges of Los Angeles, NRS reserves are critical sanctuaries.

To protect Sedgwick Reserve’s oak savannas, the NRS seeks to remove feral pigs disturbing native soils and decimating plant communities. At Coal Oil Point Reserve, raptors perching on landscaping trees are decimating the federally threatened western snowy plover colony. In the Santa Monica Mountains, tracking the movements of mountain lion, coyote, and bobcat at Stunt Ranch Reserve offers a glimpse into the habitat needs of native predators.


feral pig control

Feral pigs uproot vegetation, disturb soils, and consume resources required by native wildlife.

Canivore monitoring

carnivore monitoring

Tracking big predators to understand their movements and requirements.

Col Oil Point Reserve

predator control

Warding off raptors preying on endangered western snowy plovers.