Administrative Handbook

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b.Table of Contents
1.Scope of this Document
3.The Mission of the NRS
4.Origins of the Natural Reserve System
Appendix 4A: NRS Map
Appendix 4B: Source of University’s Use Rights
5.Administrative Structure of the NRS
6.Institutional Guiding Principles on the Selection, Operation, and Use of University of California Natural Reserve System Sites
7.Acquisition Guidelines for Reserves: Scientific, Academic, & Administrative
8.Outline of Reserve Acquisition Process
9.Program: Teaching and Research
10.Program: Publications
11.Program: Public Service
12.Support Groups and Naming Policy
13.Guidelines for Management Planning
Appendix 13: Management Plan Outline
14.Guidelines for Facilities Development
Appendix 14: Facilities Checklist
15.Guidelines for Annual Reports
16.10-Year Reserve Reviews
17.Fees and Recharges for Reserve Use
18.Reserve Use Guidelines
Appendix 18: NRS Acknowledgment Form
19.Reserve Security Guidelines
20.Resources for Management of Risk and Liability
21.Information on Liability of UC Employees and Volunteers
22.NRS Waiver Guidelines
Appendix 22: NRS Waiver Forms
23.Firearm Guidelines for the Natural Reserve System
Appendix 23: NRS Firearm Authorization Forms
24.Guidelines for Evaluating Mitigation Projects on NRS Reserves