NRS email lists

Need to contact a particular category of NRSers? These email lists, drawn from the NRS directory, should make contacting a subgroup of your colleagues fast and easy.

Due to campuses blocking email from the UCNRS.ORG mail server, we have moved all the lists to google groups and are now using the UCNRS.NET domain hosted by Google. You can still use the address, but it will forward these emails to the address for that respective list name.

  • reservesNRS email lists — A compilation of managers, stewards, UCOP, and various administrators if they wish to be listed. This more targeted list includes administrative staff not included in the managers’ email list.
  • directoryNRS email lists — everyone in the NRS directory
  • imcNRS email lists — members of the Information Management Committee
  • managersNRS email lists — staff reserve managers/directors only.  
    (campus administrators should use reservesNRS email lists to communicate with a wider community)
  • stewardsNRS email lists — reserve stewards
  • systemwidestaffNRS email lists— NRS Systemwide Office staff (ucopNRS email lists