The Field Studies Program

The Field Studies Program brings students from all general UC campuses together at NRS reserves to gain a deeper understanding of the natural world. Immersion for days or weeks in "classrooms without walls" allows students to study nature firsthand. Chances to practice field techniques and closely observe the environment are invaluable training for science research. NRS Field Studies courses bring textbook learning to life.

TeachingCalifornia Ecology and Conservation
Launched Fall 2015

Spend seven weeks living and studying at NRS reserves, experiencing a cross section of California habitats ranging from rocky coast and freshwater marsh to oak savanna, conifer forest, and desert. Gain field research skills and learn techniques for studying plants, animals, and ecological communities. Open to undergraduates from all general UC campuses. A maximum of 27 students will be accepted per quarter. Course yields a full complement of quarter or semester units.

Graduate Natural Science Training Workshops
Expected launch: Fall 2016

UC faculty will provide intensive, hands-on training in a special topic at NRS reserves over the course of several weekends. Students will have the opportunity to practice field techniques and field instruction skills, and create cross-campus collaborations.

The Art of Seeing
Expected launch: Spring 2017

Travel and paint in the field in the company of fine artists and natural scientists, and learn to see the landscape through different eyes. Students will gain insights into the natural history of NRS reserves and receive training in how to paint outdoor scenery in shifting environmental conditions. Led by UCSB professor of art Hank Pitcher, renowned for his paintings depicting Southern California life and landscapes. Guest artists and natural scientists will join the class periodically. Open to undergraduates from all general UC campuses. A maximum of 18 students will be accepted for each course.

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