Deanna J. Smith-Turnage

Arlington High School
(Riverside Unified School District)
2951 Jackson Street
Riverside, CA 92503

Outdoor pedagogy and thoughts about host

I try to make a difference in students’ lives by exposing them to a variety of hands-on and field experiences in science.

[The HOST Program] was a real eye-opener and a great opportunity.  I learned a lot about my environment and developed a love for hummingbirds.  I not only learned new strategies and activities for engaging my sutdents, but I also learned how to make science fun and meaningful again.


HOST Training Site:
NRS’s Motte Rimrock Reserve (administered by UCR) in Riverside County.

HOST Program Emphases:
Long-term hummingbird banding project and native vegetation restoration.

HOST Teaching Materials:
• Plant Restoration Project
• 20 Questions
• What’s Up at the Rim?
• Carousel
• Designing a Scientific Study

Years Teaching: 14

Subjects Taught:
• Biology
• Natural Sciences

• Biking
• Sewing
• Knitting