Elizabeth Garcia

Carson High School
(Los Angeles Unified School District)
22328 S Main St
Carson, CA 90745


All students should have the opportunity to have hands-on science experiences out in the field that complement science teaching in the classroom.  Being in the outdoors allows students to explore their natural environment and should be an essential component of science teaching.  Teachers should engage students in the scientific process in an in depth way that goes beyond a superficial interaction with scientific facts. HOST was more than professional development; it was personal enrichment.  We got at the heart of “What is science?” We got to work individually with a reserve manager with group workshops in between.  It was the perfect blend.  I gained a new perspective and new ideas for research questions that can be done with students.  It was great learning from Claudia Luke, the course instructor, who is herself a scientist.  I received lots of support, too, from Barbara Carlson, the manager at Motte, and Joesph Messin, the steward. 


HOST Training Site:
NRS’s Motte Rimrock Reserve (administered by UCR) in Riverside County.

HOST Program Emphases:
Photo monitoring, leg banding as part of a long-term hummingbird project, native plant resotring and mapping, using GIS software, and taking vertebrate transects.

HOST Teaching Materials:
 Motte Rimrock Lesson Plan: Flora

Selection of Awards:
 National Board for Professional Teaching (candidate)
 Professional Clear Credential: Biology, Supplemental Credential:  Chemistry 
 Department Chair

Years Teaching:

Subjects Taught:
 Environmental Science
 Integrated Science I & II

Personal Motto:
“Everyone deserves an opportunity to learn.”

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