Farr Niere

Carson High School
(Carson Unified School District)
22328 Main Street
Carson, CA 90745


Outdoor pedagogy and thoughts about host

I like the idea of training teachers and giving them experiences.  I especially liked the crash course on statistics and scientific investigation design.  for me, it was a natural and social experience.  I learned to interact more.  I also learned about the diversity of organisms, their ecological interactions, and the research/educational activities going on at reserves. 

“All nature is classic and akin to art. . . .Poetry, Painting, and Sculpture claim at once and associate with themselves those perfect pieces of art–leaves–vines–acorns.

The critic must at last stand as mute though contented before a true poem — as before an acorn or a vine leaf. . . .The choicest maxims that have come down to us are more beautiful or integrally wise than they are wise to our understandings.  This wisdom which we are inclined to pluck from their stalk is the fruit only of a single association.   Every natural form, palm leaves and acorns, oak leaves and sumac and dodder, are untranslatable aphorisms.”  (from Henry David Thoreau).


HOST Training Site:
NRS’s Santa Cruz Island reserve (administered by UCSB) off the coast of Santa Barbara County.

HOST Program Emphases:
Island biogeography, butterflies, native and introduced vegetation, and interdisciplinary island studies.

HOST Teaching Materials:
 ACTION: Awareness & Connection Through Intimations of Nature   

Selection of Awards:
 NSF Fellow for High School Teacher
 Mellon Fellow for Advanced Placement Summer Institute

Years Teaching: 4

Subjects Taught:
 Integrated Science 1 & 2
 Humanitas Chemistry
 Humanitas Integrated Science
 AP Biology
 English 9 & 10
 Great Books

Favorite Saying:
Seek to preserve the tenderness of your nature as you would the bloom upon a peach (Henry David Thoreau)