Printable Publications

NRS brochure

Printable Publications 1

This trifold brochure provides an overview of the NRS. You can also use the pdf to produce copies of your own.

Reserves by campus handouts

Printable Publications 2

Handouts provide introductions to the habitats and features of the reserves administered by each campus. Reverse includes an overview and map of the entire Natural Reserve System. Designed to be printed on tabloid-size paper (11″ x 17″).

NRS Fact Sheet

NRS fact sheet

The NRS Fact Sheet features usage and publication statistics, grant funding amounts, acreage, and other information in a visually appealing one-page handout.

Research Highlights fact sheet

Printable Publications 3

The Research Highlights fact sheet provides an overview of significant research conducted at reserves in a one-page handout.

State Bond Benefits Fact Sheet

Printable Publications 4

The State Bond Benefits fact sheet summarizes the building improvements and acreage purchases supported by Prop. 84 funding; page two details projects at Angelo Coast Range Reserve and Blue Oak Ranch Reserve.

Sentinel Site Network fact sheet

Printable Publications 5

The Sentinel Site Network fact sheet describes the central role of the NRS’s network of climate stations in California’s efforts to attain its goal of preserving 30 percent of its natural lands and waters by 2030.

Transect Archives

Printable Publications 6

The newsletter of the NRS from 1982 to 2010.