Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems

Lands of Two Seasons: The World’s Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems

Lands of Two Seasons, UC Natural Reserve System
Great weather, abundant harvests, and some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities characterize the five Mediterranean-climate ecosystems. Large human populations plus a profusion of species make these areas critical biodiversity hotspots. This program offers an overview of Mediterranean-climate regions, highlighting their biological uniqueness, economic importance, and factors threatening the health of their ecosystems.

Shaping Life: The Geology of Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems

Shaping Life: The Geology of Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems, UC Natural Reserve System
Mediterranean-climate ecosystems are home to a phenomenal number of unique plant species. The geological history of each region has played a starring role in the evolution of plants and informs modern efforts to conserve floral biodiversity.

Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems: Oceans and Mediterranean Climate

Oceans and Mediterranean Climate, UC Natural Reserve System
Interactions between the oceans and the atmosphere produce the dry summers and mild winters enjoyed by all five of the world’s Mediterranean-climate regions.

Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems: Drought Fire and Flood

Drought, Flood, and Fire, UC Natural Reserve System
The world’s Mediterranean-climate regions swing between years of drought and heightened fire risk, and years of catastrophic flooding. This is business as usual for native plants, many of which are built to survive dry times or rely on fires to regenerate natural communities.