Elliott Chaparral Reserve Videos

Elliott Chaparral Reserve: Introduction, UC San Diego

Reserve manager Isabelle Kay offers a glimpse of the lands and fire history of Elliott Chaparral Reserve in San Diego.

Elliott Chaparral Reserve: Native Life, UC San Diego

Reserve manager Isabelle Kay points out the effects of fire on reserve plants and shows how scientists are monitoring native ants, snakes, and lizards with different types of traps.

Elliott Chaparral Reserve: Recovery, UC San Diego

In 2003, the Cedar Fire burned much of the NRS’s Elliott Chaparral Reserve. Since then, studies of how the plant community has recovered after burning have revealed a new palette of native species but also posed concern about the spread of fire-prone grasses and Australian eucalyptus.

Elliott Chaparral Reserve: Sustainability, UC San Diego

The advent of wildfire at Elliott Chaparral Reserve offers chances to study how burning changes the rate of sediment production and the composition of plants in southern California chaparral communities.