James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve Videos

The squirrel gazer, KCAL

Should I stash or should I scarf? That’s the question facing squirrels foraging for winter fodder. UC Los Angeles graduate student Amanda Robin (aka the Squirrel Gazer) studies how wild squirrels make those decisions at the NRS’s James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve, which bristles with wildlife observation cameras.

The James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve, UC Natural Reserve System

Located in Southern California’s San Jacinto Mountains, the NRS’s James Reserve is at the forefront of an effort to use high technology to gain insight into the natural world. Embedded cameras monitor the nesting cycles of birds, sensor networks track weather data on habitat microclimates, and computers map out the potential damage from wildfires.

A Tale of Two Reserves, UC Natural Reserve System

Take a journey to two of the UC Natural Reserve Systems’ reserves in southern California, the James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve and Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center.