Sagehen Creek Field Station Videos

Spatial memory affects natural selection of wild mountain chickadees, University of Nevada, Reno
Chickadees with better learning and memory skills, needed to find numerous food caches, are more likely to survive their first winter, according to a long-term study of wild mountain chickadees.

A Closer Look at ARC’s 40-Day Summer Program, Adventure Risk Challenge
2008 ARC program, share what makes this blend of academics, outdoor adventure, and leadership training unique and successful.

Voices on the Rise, Adventure Risk Challenge
An insider’s look at the 40-day Adventure Risk Challenge summer course, which blends outdoor education with intensive literacy and leadership training.

The Leopold Family Legacy at Sagehen Creek, Sagehen Creek Field Station
Sagehen Creek Field Station’s ties to conservationist Aldo Leopold and family, and how Leopold’s son Starker cofounded the field station as a site for fisheries research.

Earthwatch caterpillars, The Durfee Foundation
The Earthwatch caterpillar research project at Sagehen Creek Field Station allows high school students to participate in a field ecology study of interactions between caterpillars, plants, and parasitic wasps.

Where did all these butterflies come from? Sagehen Creek Field Station
Ryan Hill explains why large numbers of butterflies appear each spring at Sagehen Creek Reserve. Males pause to drink from muddy spots to obtain minerals, while butterflies of all sexes feed on nectar from the meadow’s abundant wildflowers. Many species pause here while on migration.