Santa Cruz Island Reserve Videos

Small Island, Big Impact: Santa Cruz Island and its Contribution to Understanding Initial Human Occupation of the New World, UC Santa Barbara Natural Reserve System
Amy Gusick of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History describes how the NRS’s Santa Cruz Island Reserve has contributed to our understanding of the peopling of the Americas, with an introduction provided by Santa Cruz Island Reserve Director Jay Reti. The talk was part of the UC Santa Barbara Natural Reserve System’s Fall 2020 Seminar Series.
Jays reforest Santa Cruz Island, UC Natural Reserve System
Island scrub jays are expanding oak forests, helping to recover natural habitat on Santa Cruz Island.
The hopeful tale of a doomed fox, NPR’s Skunk Bear
Dive into the mystery of the comeback kit. What pushed this rare fox to the brink of extinction? And how did a group of humans fight back?
Lyndal Laughrin & Ann Bromfield / NRS Distinguished Service Award, UC Natural Reserve System
Executive Director of the NRS Peggy Fiedler and former CEO of TNC Steve McCormick on why Lyndal Laughrin and Ann Bromfield, longtime directors of Santa Cruz Island Reserve, deserve the NRS Distinguished Service Award, which was bestowed May 5, 2018.
Portraits of the Central Coast: Dr. Lyndal Laughrin, Holli Harmon
Dr. Lyndal Laughrin discusses efforts to rehabilitate the unique ecosystem of Santa Cruz Island over the 40 years he has spent as director of the NRS’s Santa Cruz Island Reserve.