White Mountain Research Center Videos

What’s at the top of California’s highest road? Bartell’s Backroads
Tour White Mountain Research Center’s highest-elevation research stations with reserve operations manager Steven De Vanzo.
Elevating the sciences, University of California, Los Angeles
White Mountain Research Center opens the sparsely populated mountains and sagebrush flats of eastern California to university-level research, teaching, and public service. Part of the UC Natural Reserve System, the Center consists of four research stations located along a 10,000-foot elevational gradient. White Mountain Research Center has been a magnet for scientists for over 60 years. Located in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada, the White Mountain range experiences extremely dry air. Combined with high elevations, this provides excellent conditions for atmospheric measurements and astronomical observations. A wealth of earthquake faults, unusual rock structures, and young mountains are located within easy driving distance for earth scientists. High-elevation research facilities enable physiologists to study the effects of low oxygen on physiology as well as the impacts of climate change on alpine ecology.
In the Shadow of White Mountain, University of California Television
UC’s White Mountain Research Center provides scientists with unprecedented access to environmental extremes. This Emmy award-winning documentary shows that life not only persists under conditions of high altitude, hurricane-force winds, intense solar radiation, and poor soils, but thrives in the form of the world’s oldest trees and wild bighorn sheep.