Mathias Grant by Year

AwardeeReserve UsedResearch TitleCampusYear
Meredith ThomsenBodega Marine ReserveInfluence of arbuscular mccorrhizal fungi on invasion of north coast prairie by the exotic perennial grass Holcus lanatusUC Berkeley1999-2000
April M. BoultonMcLaughlin Natural ReserveAnts as Allochthonous Vehicles for Aboveground Transport: Impacts on Belowground FoodwebsUC Davis1999-2000
James Andrew FordyceStebbins Cold Canyon ReserveMortality, Growth, and Behavioral Consequences of Gregarious Feeding in the California Pipevine SwallowtailUC Davis1999-2000
Jason HoeksemaBodega Marine ReserveInteractions among above- and below-ground herbivores: Impact on Fitness of an Annual Plant, Lupinus nanusUC Davis1999-2000
Todd A. HaneyQuail Ridge ReserveThe Leptostraca of coastal California: a survey based on morphologial and molecular evidence.UC Los Angeles1999-2000
Aviva LiebertStunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains ReserveDivision of labor and reproduction in Polistes waspsUC Los Angeles1999-2000
Paul A. AignerSanta Cruz Island ReserveGeographic variation in pollinator-mediated selection within the Dudleya caespitosa species complex: evidence for the role of pollinators in floral divergence and plant speciationUC Riverside1999-2000
Yvonne C. MooreMotte Rimrock ReserveThe Relationship Between Food Availability and Population Abundance of Kangaroo Rats, Diposomys spp.UC Riverside19999-2000
Matthew A. StreisfeldDawson Los Monos Canyon Reserve, Elliott Chaparral Reserve, Hastings Natural History Reservation, Bodega Marine Reserve, Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve, James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve, Motte Rimrock Reserve, Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, and Santa Cruz Island ReserveMaintenance of floral variation in the Mimulus aurantiacus species complexUC San Diego1999-2000
Noah G. FiererSedgwick ReserveThe effects of periodic rainfall events on soil microbial processes and microbial community structure at the Sedgwick ReserveUC San Diego1999-2000
Emmanuel J. GabetSedgwick ReserveSediment Transport Processes in a Semi-Arid LandscapeUC Santa Barbara1999-2000
Peter F. PaigeSanta Cruz Island ReserveThe Development of Middle Period Fishing Practices of the Island ChumashUC Santa Barbara1999-2000
Lisa Ann DiGirolamoFort Ord Natural ReserveThe effects of Argentine ant invasions on plant community composition.UC Santa Cruz1999-2000
Thomas S. HofstraAngelo Coast Range Reserve, Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve, McLaughlin Natural Reserve, VESR – Valentine Camp, Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory, Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve, and Hastings Natural History ReservationMolecular ecology of wetwood: relationships between host variables and prokaryote community compositionUC Santa Cruz1999-2000
Dawn Page NorenAño Nuevo Island ReserveBody Reserve Utilization Strategies During the Postweaning Fast of Northern Elephant Seals (Mirounga angustirostis): Implications for Survivorship at the Año Nuevo Natural ReserveUC Santa Cruz1999-2000