Mayhew Graduate Research Award applicants needed


Let’s face it–field research can be expensive. Between the cost of gas to visit research sites, the need to purchase and maintain equipment, and the purchase of victuals and sunscreen to sustain oneself while conducting observations and taking data points, graduate students can use all the financial assistance they can get. That’s where the Mayhew Graduate Research Award comes in. The award can be a boon to students pursuing  investigations at the NRS’s Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center. All you need do is apply.

Research awards are available for graduate students conducting research at Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center. The competition is open to graduate students enrolled in a college or university in California. Information and application forms are attached. Boyd Deep Canyon is a gateway reserve and research projects that are based at the reserve, but conducted off-site, will be considered.

Graduate students should submit their applications to Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center Director Dr. Allan Muth at by May 15, 2014, for review by the selection panel. The review criteria are enumerated in the application. Awards will be announced by June 1, 2014. We anticipate making one or more awards that total a maximum of $3,500. Submit applications and supporting materials electronically.

Deadline for submission of the application and all supporting material: May 15, 2014