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May 2017

Hiding in plain sight

Splendors abound just under the surface — and just off the freeway — at unassuming Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve. This rare, pristine coastal ecosystem in the middle of a city is a world where crabs duel like gladiators, parasites assert their dominant place in the food web, and native oysters are making a comeback. Its allure is irresistible to local schoolchildren and world-class scientists alike. Read more >>

SNARL Spring Seminar Series

Talks are held at the Page Center at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory, 1016 Mount Morrison Road, Mammoth Lakes, from 7 to 8 p.m.; doors open at 6:30 p.m. Small tastes of food and drink will be provided by local businesses. Please arrive early to park, snack, and secure a seat. Dogs are not allowed on the reserve. Read more >>

May 2 On thin ice: exploring global change biology in the Antarctic with art and science
Gretchen Hoffman, UC Santa Barbara professor; Lily Simonson and Henry Kaiser, NSF Antarctic artists and writers program awardees offer art and musical accompaniment

May 9 What good is a toad?
Eric Berlow, TED senior fellow, co-founder Vibrant Data Inc.; Patrick Cress from the Yosemite Soundscapes Project offers musical accompaniment

May 16 Endocrine disruptors in the wind: how persistent organic pollutants travel across California 
Rebecca Lyons, University of Redlands professor

May 23 Snow in the Sierra Nevada in 2017: historical context and trends
Jeff Dozier, UC Santa Barbara professor

May 30 Immunity and the environment: factors influencing disease-driven population dynamics in mountain yellow-legged frogs
Mary Toothman, doctoral candidate, UC Santa Barbara


Hike Quail Ridge Reserve

May 20 Wildflower Walk

Admire acres of spring flowers and other native plants at the NRS's Quail Ridge Reserve, which is normally closed to the public. Hike leader Frank Maurer of the Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy will include a discussion of the human history of the area. Be sure to bring a camera! Starts at 2 p.m. at Marklee Cove Resort. Read more >>

Hummer, hold that pose!

As part of a migration study, David Rankin of UC Riverside captured a few Anna's hummingbirds at Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve this spring. When placed on their backs, these tiny dynamos pause just long enough for scientists to weigh them before realizing they are free to fly away.


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