Thursday, November 12, 2020


Peggy Fiedler: Field stations and the leadership role of the NRS
Brad Shaffer: Endangered species research: California tiger salamander
Trish Holden: Tobacco and related products in the environment
Hank Pitcher: NRS and the visual arts
Blake Suttle: California Ecology and Conservation Program
Michelle Lee: Importance of NRS for graduate training
Panel Discussion: The role of field stations in scientific discovery

Friday, November 13, 2020


Dan Costa: A career of research at the NRS

Breakout #1: California Heartbeat Initiative

Facilitator: David Ackerly
Todd Dawson: Using remote sensing to track water through California ecosystems
Kerri Johnson: Microdifferences in soil and exposure affect landscape-scale geomorphic responses / Santa Cruz Island Reserve
Margaret Zimmer: Studying stream generation / Blue Oak Ranch Reserve
Yinan He: TBD
Panel Discussion: David Ackerly, Todd Dawson, Kelly Easterday, Becca Fenwick, Peggy Fiedler, Yinan He, Kerri Johnson, Maggi Kelly

Breakout #2: Research

Facilitator: Dick Norris
Bill Dietrich: Eel River Critical Zone Observatory / Angelo Coast Range Reserve
Jessica Purcell: Spiders gang up to hunt harvester ants / Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center
Walt Koenig: Acorn woodpecker dynasties / Hastings Natural History Reservation
Kim Hammond: Small mammal physiology / White Mountain Research Center
Frank Davis: Using GIS for conservation

Breakout #3: Education 

Facilitator: Erin Marnocha
Roxanne Beltran: Inspiring young scientists with field courses
Peter Bowler: Students learn aquatic ecology by getting their feet wet / San Joaquin Marsh Reserve
Gage Dayton: Connecting a community to their environment /Fort Ord Natural Reserve
Justin Cummings: Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program
Heather Henter: Barcoding bugs with undergraduates / Scripps Coastal Reserve

Breakout #4: Research

Facilitator: Don Croll
Kevin Lafferty: Role of parasites in ecosystem dynamics / Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve
Brian Smithers: Trees play leapfrog with climate change / White Mountain Research Center
Jackie Sones: Marine heat waves / Bodega Marine Reserve
Chandra Krintz: Using machine learning to ID animals caught on camera traps / Sedgwick Reserve
David Holway: Heading off an island ant invasion / Santa Cruz Island Reserve
Jim Andre: Plant life of the Mojave Desert / Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center
Prasant Mohapatra: Testing urban wireless networks in mountainous regions / Quail Ridge Reserve
Kerri Frangioso: Keeping Sudden Oak Death at bay / Big Creek Reserve

Breakout #5: Public Service

Facilitator: Jason Sexton
Gary Bucciarelli: Introducing LA kids to nature / Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve
Sarah Ottley: Adventure-Risk-Challenge / Sagehen Creek Field Station, Sedgwick Reserve, Yosemite Field Station
Chris Swarth: Housing for kestrels / Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve
Cris Sandoval: Snowy plover protection / Coal Oil Point Reserve
Travis Huxman: Local community engagement in rural environments / Steele/Burnand Anza-Borrego Desert Research Center
Dick Norris: Local community engagement in a large urban setting / Elliott Chaparral Reserve, Scripps Coastal Reserve, Kendall-Frost Mission Bay Marsh Reserve, Dawson Los Monos Canyon Reserve