NRS Weather Station Database

NRS Weather Station Database 1

Dendra is a cyberinfrastructure project for real-time sensor data storage, retrieval, management, and curation. It is a cloud-based, multi-organizational system, designed to support massive permanent monitoring efforts. Its name is derived from dendritic networks, such as river networks or tree roots. The project is managed at UC Berkeley. 

Dendra stores data from the NRS Climate Monitoring Network, and provides live data from each station. Each page displays the latest real time data, and has links to the metadata for each station and the data download interface. The status of each station can be seen here. If you’d prefer to access the data using an API, documentation can be found here

NRS Weather Station Database 2

The UCNRS Climate Monitoring Network was originally funded by NSF and established in partnership with the Desert Research Institute (DRI). DRI has a wide network of weather stations that also collects climate data.

Additional links to data from climate stations in and around California can be found at the Western Regional Climate Center’s Western Region Stations page.

Keep the network running

If you are a researcher, please help us justify the continued maintenance costs of these weather stations by filling out the simple form at the bottom of the page that describes how you will be using this data.

NOAA California Stations

MesoWest Climate Network

More weather resources

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Current NOAA Satellite 4 kilometer visible view of California

Wildfire Links

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