Public Outreach Toolkit

Use these resources to increase awareness about your reserve and the NRS among students, faculty, and the general public. We’ve printed up brochures and postcards, created downloadable maps and flyers, and produced large banners you can borrow to draw attention to your booth or event.

Media License

Public Outreach Toolkit 1

Media professionals should be required to sign the NRS Media License prior to being allowed to visit reserves. The license grants the University the right to reproduce, distribute, display, and show the footage. This will enable the NRS to utilize those visual or audio files for educational and promotional purposes.

Promotional materials


NRS Brochure

This trifold brochure provides an overview of the NRS. You can also use the pdf to produce copies of your own. The Systemwide Office can ship you copies; please contact Citlali with your request.

Vertical banners

Retractable banners are 33.5 inches wide by 84 inches tall. There are four designs. Please contact Citlali if you would like to borrow one or more.

Bodega Marine Reserve
Burns Piñon Ridge Reserve
Angelo Coast Range Reserve
Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

Information sheets


Map flyer

The map flyer shows reserves listed by administering campus. For higher resolution versions of the NRS map, maps with reserves numbered north to south, or maps with reserve names next to location dots, contact Kathleen.

Public Outreach Toolkit 2

Fact Sheet

The Fact Sheet offers information about the NRS by the numbers, including acreage, grant funding, user statistics, publications, etc.

Public Outreach Toolkit 3

Reserve handouts by campus

These handouts describe the NRS reserves administered by each campus. There are nine designs, one for each campus. Download the pdfs from this page.

Newsletter flyer

Newsletter flyer

The newsletter flyer encourages people to stay connected with the NRS by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter.

Program flyers

Public Outreach Toolkit 4

Mildred E. Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant flyer

The most recent flyer encouraging UC graduate students to apply for the NRS’s Mildred E. Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant program can be found on this page.

California Ecology and Conservation course flyers

California Ecology and Conservation course flyers

There are five different designs for these flyers, which encourage students to apply for the NRS’s California Ecology and Conservation course. Download the pdfs from this page.

Public Outreach Toolkit 5

Field Science Fellowship flyer

The most recent flyer encouraging UC undergraduate and faculty mentor pairs to apply for the NRS’s Field Science Fellowship program can be found on this page.

Design resources 


These collections of the spin cycle and the spin cycle plus text have been zipped for easy download. If you don’t see what you need, contact Kathleen.

Map images

These NRS maps are saved as png files with transparent backgrounds. If you require versions that are larger, have numbered dots, come with UC campus label dots, or other variations, contact Kathleen

PowerPoint deck

Public Outreach Toolkit 6

NRS Overview

Feel free to borrow from or edit this slide deck.


NRS photo archive

Activity ideas

A few ways to engage the public at a booth or information table, or at campus or reserve events:

  • Student poster session featuring research projects that have taken place on reserves
  • Faculty, researcher and/or manager lectures, TED-style talks, or 5-10 minute “lightning talks” about reserve research projects
  • A “virtual field trip” presentation featuring various reserve species, environments, and activities
  • Hikes or guided nature walks on reserves, especially those near campus
  • Flora, pelts, bones, mounted specimens, fossils, and rocks arrayed at an interactive “touch table”
  • Table with NRS banners and handouts about reserves
  • Slideshow of video and/or photos from reserves displayed on a computer monitor or projector screen. Could be played in the background during your event or serve as the focus of talks
  • Performances and displays of art inspired by or created at the reserve
  • Dinner at a reserve–– tours, music, wine, and stargazing can engage volunteers, donors, and neighbors