Each year, thousands of scientists from around the world conduct field research in the protected landscapes of the Natural Reserve System. The NRS draws investigators for many reasons. This network of natural landscapes represents a living library of California’s diverse ecosystems. Reserve lands are protected over the long term, enabling researchers to conduct experiments without fear of the land or their equipment being disturbed. Data archives enable scientists to build on decades of previous research. Overnight accommodations, laboratories, reference collections, Internet access, and other amenities make field work more comfortable and productive.

Multi-reserve research projects

Multi-reserve research projects

A number of research projects use multiple NRS reserves to represent a range of biogeographic conditions found in California.

National research projects

Large national research projects address many of today’s most critical environmental problems. NRS reserves are part of several national research projects examining basic processes governing the workings of the environment.

Boyd Deep Canyon
Will Petry

Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant Program

The Mildred E. Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant Program funds research by UC graduate students at NRS reserves. Students gain experience submitting research proposals, writing progress reports, and managing a research budget.

Student research funding

Student seeking to conduct research at NRS reserves are eligible for a variety of grants and other support provided by the NRS, its reserves, or other partners.

Diana Hazelnut
Field Science Fellowship

Field Science Fellowship

The Field Science Fellowship funds UC undergraduate-faculty teams conducting field research at NRS reserves. The fellowship encourages mentoring relationships between faculty and students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the sciences.

Resources for Researchers

Look here for a list of resources that will be useful to your research. This includes bibliographic data, climate data, geographic information, species lists, and many other tools.

Resources for Researchers