Road conditions temporarily close Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

The NRS’s Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve is closed until further notice due to highway conditions and storm damage. 

Torrential January rains have saturated soils on the steep slopes lining Highway 1 in Big Sur. CalTrans has determined the road is unsafe to travel in several locations due to several active slides, slumping roadways, and a failed highway bridge.

At present, Highway 1 is closed to all non-resident traffic at multiple locations both north and south of the reserve. 

Due to a bridge replacement in Big Sur, access to Big Creek Reserve will only be possible from the south for the remainder of the year. Nacimiento-Fergusson Road and Highway 1 from Cambria/State Route 46 are likely to reopen after winter rains cease.

Reserve conditions

In addition, weather and flooding have taken a heavy toll on roads inside the reserve. Travel within reserve boundaries is severely limited due to multiple rockslides and mudslides, damaged roads, power and phone line outages, and tree falls.

The reserve will remain closed until staff can assess the damage and restore access. 

Visiting the reserve

Aspiring reserve visitors are asked to carefully consider these travel limitations and the condition of the reserve as they plan field trips for the year.

Those with urgent, resource-dependent research needs  and questions should contact Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve director Mark Readdie.

Road closures

The following websites contain useful information about road conditions:

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  1. Jana Avatar

    Hi! I am trying to find out if the landslide on berryessa Knoxville road just north of the lake, is still blocking road access. I attempted to drive there on Feb 12th and the road was impassable, and I never found anything about it on the caltrans or any other site so I thought I might check here.

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