Fall 2017

Volume 1, Issue 2

Fall 2017 1
A desert harvester ant collecting bait seeds. Students dyed the seeds blue to better observe seed collection rates for their final research project. Photo by course instructor Krikor Andonian.

Defensive displays and chemical secretions of darkling beetles in the Mojave Desert
Tania Aguilar, Didra Felix, Meghan Proctor, Athena Schlereth

Foraging strategies and resource partitioning of desert harvester ants
Ali Brunschwiler, Amelia Maurer, John Parsons, Sage Radecki

Habitat preference and species interactions of the desert woodrat (Neotoma lepida) in the Mojave Desert
Becca Cosmero, Emily Fieberling, Katherine Marlin, Ricardo Ruiz, Rizzie Vermont, Lara Volski

Habitat selection of the desert night lizard (Xantusia vigilis) on Mojave yucca (Yucca schidigera) in the Mojave Desert, California
Kirsten Boylan, Robert Degen, Carly Sanchez, Krista Schmidt, Chantal Sengsourinho

Mechanisms of niche partitioning between desert rodents in the East Mojave
Ciera Castillo, Katherine Hernandez, Isabelle Panza, Alexa Rowland