Fall 2020

Volume 4, Issue 1

CEC Fall 2020
Wildfire scorched a quarter of the NRS’s Hastings Natural History Reservation during the summer of 2020. Students in the Fall 2020 CEC program conducted research for their final projects amid this burned landscape. Image: Madeline Perreault

Factors affecting woodrat abundance over 70 years
Wolfgang Abad, Jose Morales-Doo, Carly Pomeroy, Adrienne Ung

Effects of volatile compounds in California bay trees (Umbellularia californica) on vegetation growth and insect herbivory
Ashley Adornato, Hannah Gerber, Sarah Haas, Jennifer Perez

Investigating unburned understory “halos” post-fire under blue oak (Quercus douglasii) canopies
Skyler Bennis, Sam Cormier, Angela Ma, Madeline Perreault

Factors affecting acorn predation and infestation in three California oaks
Nicolette Balmaceda, Jovana Durovic, Sierra Montes, Kyler Plouffe

The effects of plant and epiphyte interactions on bark exfoliation in Arbutus menziesii
Sheena Cabal, Gavin Kellerman, Shannon McKillop-Herr

Bird community interactions at water sources at Hastings Natural History Reservation
Christina Cen, Killian Fay, Joselyne Jaramillo, Jason Ku

Acorn woodpeckers (Melanerpes formicivorus) exhibit more predator avoidance behavior post-fire
Emily Drake, Arsany Farid, Youssef Hanna, Johnson Ku