Fall 2022

Fall 2022
The replicate stream channels at the NRS’s Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory carve through high desert scrub beneath Laurel Mountain in the eastern Sierra. Students in the Fall 2022 run of CEC used the channels to test how adding and removing aquatic vegetation affects stream macroinvertebrates. Image: Benjamin Narwold

Macrophyte presence has no effect on invertebrate abundance in artificial stream systems
Samuel Duke, Jakob Kaare-Rasmussen, Skylar Tan, Helen Terada

Impacts of trails and forest thinning on black bear (Ursus americanus) tree use
Sophie Marie Cameron, Samuel John Daley, Gabriela Peralta, Kyle Jonathan Suen

Effects of tree thinning on bark beetle infestation in eastern Sierra Nevada montane forest
Diane Rios, Pauline Stevens, Isabella Wu

Small-scale channel diversions increase abundance of hydropsychids and other aquatic macroinvertebrates
Nicole Garcia, Benjamin Narwold, Whitney Barnett

Rock substrate influences microbial communities in freshwater streams
Ana-Sofia Barrera, Zoe Brumbaugh, Hannah Lacaste

The variable impact of resource concentration on herbivore abundance in montane chaparral
Yiwei “Elbereth” Chen, Ruben Gonzalez, Maikel Nashed, William Tate Wittman

Giant willow aphid preference for green Salix exigua: factors affecting host selection
Lyla Schoenig, Kyle Vu, Marlo Hanna, Adrienne Cloeter