Spring 2018

Volume 2, Issue 1

Spring 2018 1
A doe and her fawn visit the meadow where the spring 2018 California Ecology and Conservation class has camped at Angelo Coast Range Reserve. Photo by course instructor Krikor Andonian.

Cutting-edge meadows: The effect of meadow edges and orientation on plant community dynamics
Julie Adriana Barrios, Mary De Aquino, Joseph Francis Di Liberto, Daniel Melnick

Dynamics of riparian disturbance: Overstory effects on river ecosystems
Ryan Blaich, Laurel Bowling, Meghan Green, Sandra Hamilton, Carina Motta

The fungus among us: Ecological succession within decomposer communities
Marta Alvarez, Ashlyn Bahrychuk, Kellie Cutsinger, Alexander Gallandt, Thomas Lenihan

Going with the flow? Larval caddisfly case-building behavior in response to river flow type
Maya Pastreich, Hefan Zhang, Andrea Gonzalez, Sean Jarrell-Hurtado

Through space and time: Vertebrate coexistence through circadian changes in community composition
Mark Arenas, Danielle Davis, Mikala Haptonstall, Brendan Kyle, Eric Stubbs