Spring 2023

Spring 2023 cover
An evening snow (Linanthus dichotomus) flower at McLaughlin Natural Reserve dusted with orange fluorescent powder glows under black light. Students used the powder as a surrogate for pollen, allowing them to track the movement of diurnal and nocturnal insects among flowers. The pictured flower received at least one visit over the previous 12 hours. Image: Gabrielle Camba

Pollen movement and anthesis in Linanthus dichotomus spp. meridianus
Nora Bonk, Gabrielle Camba, Sjana Carter, Cat Chavez

Presence of small mammal activity from scat-and-sign surveys in restored and unrestored areas
Cameron Dillon, Mika Millan, KC McNamara, Sarah Mitchell

Morphological, phenotypic, and physiological effects of serpentine soils on three tolerant petaloid monocot species
Cem Cizem, Shay Hankla, Ruby Montgomery, Kyle Tyson

Length of restoration predicts community composition and soil properties
Sydney Binns, Anise Dellith-Moser, Morgan Micallef, Haylie Scott

Postfire habitats influence mammalian land use patterns
Alison Appelgate, Andres Aguilar, Alyssa Ayan, Mikiztli Sarapura Ortiz

A comparison between ground-dwelling spider preferences for thermal control and vegetation reveals different microhabitat selection
Mia Conti, Bryce Johnson, Tadd Kraft, Anthony Ye