Summer 2018

Volume 2, Issue 2

CEC Research
The summer 2018 California Ecology and Conservation conducted research for their final projects at the NRS’s White Mountain Research Center; their vans can be seen parked behind this stand of bristlecone pines. Image credit: course instructor Krikor Andonian.

Formica ant and Cinara aphid mutualisms on limber pines (Pinus flexilis)
Charles Chen, Lori Liu, Skai Peterson

An ancient forest on the move: Range shifts in bristlecone pines
Angela Delos Santos, Katherine Pratt, Grace Rosburg-Francot, Linnea Schaefer, George Sidarous

Life on the edge: Abiotic stress and competitive exclusion affect plant communities across a subalpine edaphic gradient
Ziyi Wang, Willem Schep, Hanan Abels-Sullivan, Casey Kwok

Lupinus breweri is competitive, not facilitative, in a subalpine habitat
Zachary M. Devereux, Elyse A. Fitzsimons, Brittney Martinez, Maya Nagaraj

Examining changes in plant communities of alpine fellfield meadows of the White Mountains
Sarah Ardell, Karina Arzuyan, Neil Singh, Haleigh Yang, Steven Zhou

Pollinator community structure and interactions on Monardella odoratissima spp. glauca
Sami Akiba, Erika Lougee, Ronald Thompson III

Alpine wet meadows: soil properties’ effect on plant diversity
Madeline Castro, Fidel Machado-Perez, Rebecca Raven