Summer 2021

Volume 5, Issue 5

Summer 2021
Student researchers Rhea Amatya (left), Halle Sunabe (front), and Brianne Roxbrough (right) collect soils derived from granite bedrock near Crooked Creek Field Station of the NRS’s White Mountain Research Center. Plants here contend not only with a short growing season and intense solar radiation, but also potentially harsh soil characteristics. This team compared soil properties, germination, and plant size between granite-, shale-, and dolomite-derived soils. Image: Aria Schwartz

Species interactions and abiotic effects on stand structure of bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) and limber pine (Pinus flexilis)
Selene Arellano, Anna Douglas, Neira Ibrahimovic, Janette Jin

Community effects and plant associations of two sub-alpine Castilleja species in the White Mountains, California
Leanne Hagen, Kees Hood, Louisa Liu, Sophia Roberts

Evidence for interspecific facilitation in subalpine cushion-forming plants in the White Mountains of California
Mena Eskander, Gavin Hughes, Roberto Michel, Andrew Tseng

Effect of patch size on species richness and distribution of sub-alpine saxicolous lichens
Abraham Adida, Melody Griffith, Margot Kirby, and Amanda Lin

The effects of competition on lichen community structure in the White Mountains of California
Josslyn Herrera, Theodore Herring, Weiyi Lin, Jonathan Taylor

Microhabitat selection of rock outcrops in yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris)
Anne Burdette, Anna Catherine Klaassen, Mario Rodriguez, Amida Zohar Verhey

Exploring insect specialization on Artemisia tridentata and Artemisia rothrockii
Naomi Charlet, Elise Cypher, Anupama Sethuraman, Tamar Viz

Exploring effects of geologic substrate on plant growth and fitness in the White Mountains, Eastern California
Rhea Amatya, Brianne Roxbrough, Aria Schwartz, Halle Sunabe