Summer 2023

Summer 2023
Coastal giant salamanders sit at the top of the aquatic food chain in many shallow creeks. During summer 2023, at Angelo Coast Range Reserve, CEC students found that the density larval salamanders, depicted here, increased with creek rock density. They also discovered that as salamander density increases, so does the size of their larvae. The presence of a bigger salamander is associated with other salamanders in the vicinity being large as well. Image: Cleo Lu

Relationship between river water flow rate, periphyton abundance and macroinvertebrate communities
Owen Choy, Grace Constantian, June Griffin, Chloe Pak

Hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus) foraging preferences differ from co-occurring bat species
Mia Emerson, Katie Gorden, Dylan Mai, Elaine Tsou

Lichen water retention: Vertical position in canopy as an indicator of desiccation tolerance across taxa
Jordan Dixon, Moses Lopez, April Maravilla, Jasmine Ryan

Microhabitat, morphology, and physiology of two riparian liverwort species (Conocephalum conicum and Marchantia polymorpha) in northwest California
Kyle Elshoff, Allie Keen, Elyse Wohlenberg, Claire Zechiel

Colony characteristics of the functions of Margaritifera falcata in the Eel River
Eva Bradman, Emily Evans, Joseph Nguyen, Tramanh Mai

Effect of abiotic microhabitat conditions on the coastal giant salamander Dicamptodon tenebrosus body size and density across and within streams
Ash Abel, Sanchita Biswas, Cleo Lu, Sierra Vasquez

Are cobble bar tussocks ecological islands for T. elongata spiders?
Sarah Jagger, Matthew Puls, Alexander Yan