Winter 2021 Northern Run

Volume 5, Issue 1

Winter 2021 Northern Run 1
Pedicularis densiflora (Indian warrior) is a hemiparasitic plant that is among the first to flower in post-burn sites. The leaves of some plants match the deep magenta of their floral bracts while the leaves of others are green. In this issue, student researchers examined the biotic and abiotic factors contributing to the coloration of Pedicularis leaves. Image: Erick Amezcua

Sisters or strangers: How does relatedness affect foraging in carpenter ants?
Lauren Hwang-Finkelman, Marissa Lopez, Alondra Murguia, Nathalie Treminio

Declines in wintering bird richness over 14 years in Northern California
Elise Gonzales, Charin Park, Andie Van Horn

Population and community-level impacts of increased fire frequency in serpentine chaparral
Miranda Martin, Casey Pfahler, Francesca Shackleford, Emily Wapman

Patterns of nectar robbing on two manzanita species
Breana Dyste, Avrodet Mourkus, Kenny Ruiz, Benjamin Vargas

Insular biogeography theory in serpentine grasslands
Sebastian Caamano, Carmen Cabral, Sameer Kejriwal, Valine Bebawy

Phenotypic variation of the hemiparasite Pedicularis densiflora
Erick Amezcua, Stacy Lammers, Mary Polhemus, Lucia Soto-Hall

Stress tolerance: Understanding morphological plant trade-offs in serpentine soil
Bita Rostami, Gerald Francisco, Haylee Bregoff, Logan Ruggles