Spring 2021 Northern Run

Volume 5, Issue 3

CEC Research Spring 2021 northern run
Coast redwoods are one of many conifer species native to Angelo Coast Range Reserve, where students in the northern run of the Spring 2021 California Ecology and Conservation program conducted their final research projects. Redwoods create unique conditions that may select for specialist understory plants such as redwood sorrel (Oxalis oregana), however students discovered that other factors such as location and proximity to water were stronger predictors of redwood sorrel distribution than were redwoods. Image: Josephine Lu

Long-term changes in composition of old-growth mixed evergreen forests in Mendocino County
China Granger, Charlie Schiebl, Gabriel Perez, John Salib

Anthropogenic effects on abiotic factors affecting the success of the threatened Rana boylii
Alma Meckler-Pacheco, Laura Navarro Ron, Sophia Puliatti, Zach Webster

Spatial and behavioral ecology of riparian lizards in rock bar microhabitats
Mark Barsoum, Emma Campbell, Zoe Marsh, Kyra Sullivan

Plastic response of Pacific madrones to environmental stressors
Monica Eskander, Katie L Smith, Monique Messih, Makayla Monds

Abiotic and biotic predictors of understory composition
Vineta Sondors, Josephine Lu, Jordan Manclow, Edgar Velazquez

Untangling ecotone diversity hypotheses: Spider communities within a forest-meadow interface
Melissa Grim, Jagger Joyner, Christina Nakhla, Bautista Tobia