Credit Allocations

The California Ecology and Conservation program has two components. The first, NRS BIO/ENVS 188 California Ecology and Conservation, is required of all participating students and is 19 quarter units or 12.7 semester units. The second component is NRS BIO/ENVS 189 Critical Conservation Issues in California, a 2.3 semester unit course in which students from semester campuses (UC Berkeley and UC Merced) enroll during spring or fall term.

Academic departments on each UC campus determine how credits from California Ecology and Conservation fulfill major, minor, and/or GE requirements. Below is the most current information we have about how the course credits map toward degree requirements. For departments and majors not listed, students have the option to petition for application of credits toward major requirements.

Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to discuss how course credits apply toward their personal course of study.