Students Say

I loved getting to spend the summer in some of the most beautiful places in California with a group of amazing people.

Hannah Roodenrijs

Hannah Roodenrijs, UC Berkeley

Summer 2016

It’s like summer camp with a scientific twist. 

Students Say 1

Molly Nagle, UC Santa Cruz

Fall 2015

Before this I had never conducted research or worked in a lab, but now I am very comfortable with the scientific process. 

Kai Wilmsen

Kai Wilmsen, Santa Barbara

Spring 2016

We were given tons of room to be creative with our research topics. I was excited to see the entire project through because I genuinely had interest in the topic. 

Andy Cardoza

Andray Cardoza, UC Santa Barbara

Summer 2016

This course reaffirmed my love for doing research and being out in the field, and helped set me back on the path that I know is best for my future well-being and happiness.

Drew Filous

Drew Filous, UC Santa Cruz

Summer 2017

I’ve never felt so confident in not only forming questions about the world around me, but also in my ability to turn those into testable hypotheses.

Katie Ohlin

Katie Ohlin, UC Davis

Summer 2016

The accessibility of our professors and the push to learn and enjoy, not memorize to get a grade, allowed for so much more learning to happen.

Laurel Bowling

Laurel Bowling, UC San Diego
Spring 2018

I’ve outgrown my intimidation of working closely with faculty.

Students Say 2

McKenna Leighton, Santa Cruz
Summer 2016

The immersive nature of this course really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and taught me how to do science in a way that I do not think I could have learned in a traditional classroom.

Annie Radigan

Annie Radigan, Los Angeles
Fall 2016

This has been an experience I’ll never forget.

Michael May

Michael May, UC San Diego
Fall 2014

My research, writing, and public speaking skills have improved and I am certain that this is a result of this class.

Ian Perrett

Ian Perrett, UC Los Angeles
Summer 2017

This course has given me an in-depth understanding of scientific research that I haven’t gained anywhere else. I have learned more about what a career in this field would look like in the last 50 days than the rest of my undergraduate career.

Hannah Perkins

Hannah Perkins, UC Santa Cruz
Fall 2016

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